Tuesday, April 14, 2009

new school meets old school

the calgary flames have re-called the following players:

- dustin boyd (obviously)
- warren peters (no surprise there)
- kyle greentree (the kid was damn good in the AHL)
- dvdg (yaaaaaaaay !!)
- brett sutter (he showed some promise, so why not ?)
- leland irving (kindof a slap in the face to Qmac, but let the kid practice with marcoux and the big squad, sure)

aaaand much to everybody's delight, anders eriksson is currently waiting to clear re-entry waivers. that's right, chicago ---prepare yourselves to bat the flames around like a cat with a mouse.

i still think this series is winnable for the flamb├ęs, but the following favourable climate(s) must first be achieved:

- kipper version 03/04
- dion version 05/06 (v.06/07 would be acceptable)
- iginla version "any year but this one"
- jokinen version 06/07 (v.05/06 would be acceptable)
- cammalleri version: autumn
- bertuzzi version 02/03
- moss post-dreamcrusher award
- keenan version 93/94
- bourque: pre-feb19
- roy: injured.
- robyn regehr. any version that wants to dress will be fine.

everyone else can probably stay status quo.

i realize this is a lot to ask, but it would be so awesome !!!!

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