Friday, April 3, 2009

Boyd sent down: I don't understand NHL player movement

Item: Boyd sent to minors while Negrin, Pelech called up

Well, on the plus side, I'd rather have Negrin/Pelech at this point versus Warrener/Eriksson. That said, none of this MRI-on-Regehr's-knee business is any good. I said it last night in a text to WI: That's the worst injury this team could suffer. As Regehr goes, so goes the Flames' defence, period.

As for Boyd going down, there's obviously speculation it's a cap thing and he'll be back up lickety split. One has to hope so, because while you can't argue Boyd's had a season that makes him an integral part of the team, I'd sure as hell rather have him in the lineup than more than a few of the other options right now. I was kind of salivating at the thought of Bourque returning from injury, thus creating a more than servicable fourth line of Boyd, Lundmark and Nystrom. Now what do we have? Peters, Nystrom and, uh, John Negrin?

Nice game by Kipper last night, by the way. If he can play that way for 24 consecutive, it's CUP TIME BABY!


walkinvisible said...

uhhhhh...... PELECH ?!?!?!

this makes no fucking sense to me. brett palin seems a far superior callup but hey. nothing this team does surprises me anymore.

R O said...

Eriksson is probably the best callup of all (sad to say) but I am guessing he couldn't fit under the cap either.