Wednesday, April 8, 2009

canucks are ANIMALS !!! : vol.2

i totally admit this willie mitchell-fish is nowhere near as good as the wellwoodchuk ones (which still make me laugh)... i've got a new couple of flames-based separated at births to show upcoming, as well....

as for last night's game: it had all the major calgary flames classic manoevers:

1st period
- a strong showing for the second game of a b2b, but they couldn't score
- a last minute (or so) goal by the opposition when the flames should have had a lead
- amazing goaltending by the opposing team, with kipper mostly untested
- too many chances by the big line, who eventually get scored on

2nd period
- boring
- finally notch the tying goal, to have the lead taken away almost immediately

3rd period
- collapse due to frustration and exhaustion. especially by our highest paid players.

so we see edmonton on friday and saturday and i have a feeling that we'll get it done. like i said yesterday, the flames have NEVER been a team to do it the easy way. so they will take it to the very last game of the year in hopes of clinching the NW, i think....


R O said...

That is an *uncanny* resemblance.

dph said...

Watching the game, here were my observations.. our premier players, one forward and one defense, were responsible for the first two goals against due to brain-cramps and lazyness.

The first, Iginla had a BRUTAL giveaway in a dangerous position, and although he did get back to take away the first shot, the second still happened...

The second, Phaneuf (slow at the best of times) decided he wasn't even going to contest the puck behind the net, just watch. Even worse, he tipped it to put it past kipper (maybe unlucky with the tip, but if he works for that puck, it doesn't get skated out in front even if he doesn't win it).

That being said, even with those two brain farts, the score shoulda been about 5-4 for Calgary after the first and a half period. Lu was spectacular.

Thirdly, Quite possibly we have the worst power-play in hockey right now. Not just NHL, but worse than the 8 year olds who play at my neighborhood rink on sundays.

walkinvisible said...


agreed x ∞.

Brent said...

How about calling it "Walleye Mitchell?"

Dustin Timberlake said...

As good as a player Willie Mitchell is, that face he is making is the epitomy of the 'VanHoover' nickname for complete suckage

marquee room said...

I agree that the first goal was as a result of Iggy's giveaway, but the yeoman effort he put in to get back on that play was amazing... and the fact that the second shot was even there was basically down to dumb luck. As for the second 'nucks goal- I've 'ad 'eneuf.

walkinvisible said...

i'm not sure which saying i prefer now: "VanHoover" or "I've 'ad 'eneuf"...

Mike H. said...

Try this:

Howler Monkey