Friday, April 3, 2009

flames v. wild: stupidstitions

the only thing that keeps me hopeful about the game tonight is my stupidstitions. i will wear the same outfit as last night (including the recently laundered gio jersey), drink the same beers, and watch the same tv with the same friend.

my roommate was away on tour for the ugly roadtrip and subsequent terrible return to the 'dome. he got back mere hours after the loss to SJ and has no plans to leave town this evening... so that's a good sign. ;)

also, with the callup of negrin and pelech (and demotion of poor dustin boyd on his cursed two-way contract), coupled with a presumed kipper start and the godawful record in back-to-backs, i don't even feel like i'm LYING by predicting a loss.

hold on. should be a fun ride.


Ms. Conduct said...

All may be true, but you have all of the Wild's bad mojo working in your favor. Like how NEVER beat teams who are on the second day of a back to back. And also we NEVER beat Calgary. And also we NEVER beat anybody. Except the Islanders.

R O said...

A combination of factors is losing this game for us, but Kipper was probably the biggest. And who started Kipper? Why, Keenan of course!

And of course, as I type that, Kipper robs Veilleux.

R O said...

Ouch. 3 weak goals now. McElhinney probably would have done better.