Monday, April 6, 2009

flames v. kings: taking advantage

well the other teams in the NW division went and did the flames a bunch of favours this weekend; first the greasers beat the nucks in front of the entire nation on saturday, then colorado stunned bobbylu and the boys last night in colorado.

on, the game's first star (rookie tj galiardi, born and raised in cowtown) pretty much comes straight out and says that he wanted to beat the canucks on sunday cause his dad's a flames fan. that's so amazing i can't even describe it. i bet he wanted to say that HE's a flames fan, but there's probably some unwritten rule that if you get drafted by a team in the same division as your hometown team, you can only talk about your parents being fans... ;)

the heinous agony that was the flames/minny game on friday has subsided and i'm relatively hopeful about tonight's matchup with the kings. word on the street (ie: the flames insider) is that aucoin will play tonight, and if you check the QC flames site (ALWAYS more up-to-date than the big club's site on player movement), it announces that negrin's been sent back to moline and warren peters (a poor man's dustin boyd, and the flames are certainly sans $$) has been recalled. so, unless roy makes a magical return, it would seem the flamb├ęs will skate only one man down this eve.

i've got very little else to say other than i'm hoping for a Qmac start, and doubting very much that it will happen.

fingers crossed... ;)


R O said...

Keenan DID say that McElhinney would start four more times this year. Coincidentally, we have four more games.

Cue the funeral dirge...

walkinvisible said...

hahahaha amazing.

R O said...

Keenan, that lying bastard :)

I am worried about tomorrow. But not as worried as I woudl be if we lost tonight.

Still, it would be sweet to stick it to the Canucks... feed them a little false hope and let them strangle themselves with their own noose.

Plus it would be very satisfying after the entire TSN panel predicted Vancouver to win the division on Sunday, "no question".

Greg said...

Gotta love the hometown boys... playin for the Canucks, but wishing for a Flames victory 'cause your dad is a fan. Good game tonight, but it would have been better if they played a bit more in the Kings end. I'm not a too worried about tomorrow night 'cause the Canucks are still to busy mourning the loss of a teammate's fiancee. Condolences to Taylor Pyatt and family, but this definitely drags the team down. Flames will take the NW tomorrow night.