Sunday, April 26, 2009

distraction !!!

i refuse to discuss what happened last night. i'll leave that for darryl sutter to explain on garbage bag day which (as anyone who watched the game will surely agree) will probably be before the week is out. it was an absolute disgrace by pretty much everyone except adam pardy. i'll give it up to that kid for making something happen when nobody else could...

to lighten things up, my buddy john brought me back a gift from his trip to vancouver. "it's for your stupidstitions,"he said when i went to pick it up this morning... i had a feeling it might be a canucks voodoo doll of some sort (no such luck). it's pretty funny, though:

god, i miss that guy.

also ? big congrats to flames prospect ryley grantham with his huge game winner last night for the kelowna rockets.... who would've thought that the team's agitator/grinder would pot the game's only goal ??


Brent G. said...

Yes it looks as though sutter will definitely have some explaining to do to the media, likely to the owners to keep his job, and a great explanation to Keenan about why the team simply cannot keep him on anymore (Brent Sutter please!).

On a plus note my buddy actually recently bet me $100 that Kipper will win the vezina. We'll find out tomorrow and determine how I will piss it all away. (they are anouncing the finalists and Kipper cannot possibly make that list)

walkinvisible said...


the vezina noms, IMO, are lundqvist, mason (either), and tim thomas who will probably win it for looking like drew carey...

how 'bout that giordano tshirt ???

walkinvisible said...

so where you gonna spend your hunny, brent ?