Tuesday, March 6, 2007

a love letter to the san jose sharks

dear northern californian fishies:

thank you, san jose, for not letting the wild win today. i'm sure it must have been hard on you to crush the dreams of that sweet little blueliner, nummelin, but i honestly appreciate the gesture. i'm also kindof hoping that the bolts might owe you a favour, cause i would really love it if they killed the canucks tonight, as well... maybe you could call'em ?? i mean, i was just thinking that you should show vancouver who's the real king of the sea.

just a suggestion...



HG said...

Can you please write a letter to Vinny and his TB boys explaining the stupidity of losing in Vancouver last night and how I really need him to win in Edmonton but lose in Calgary? He should understand, right?

Kent W. said...

Yay Sharks.

Thanks for nothing Tampa Bay. Just another reason to hate you.