Tuesday, March 27, 2007

flames v. wild pre-game

i hate jason cause he's going to the game tonight.
with so much flames exposure, i'm not even sure who he'll be cheerin' for up there in the bleeders... but we DO know that he loves kipper as much as our boy numms , who will hopefully be allowed to lace up for the match.

i'll be honest. i don't like the flames' chances in this one, even though we're riding a 3-game winning streak (and have taken down two of the league's best in that time). things might be comin' together down in the flames lockerroom (it's gotta be mccarty's presence), but will it be enough ??? the wild have been unbeatable as of late, with 9 straight wins, albeit mostly against non-playoff teams, but with a couple of huge W's vs. the slugs & the flames at the 'dome.

the wild are not a one-trick pony. sure, gaborik and demitra have been outstanding, but tonight when the flames throw their best D at the duo, rolston/white/bouchard will take the ice and make us cry... and i haven't even mentioned how good the parrish/koivu/veilleux line is... warrener and hale are gonna look like they should be wearing spongey red noses and multicoloured afro wigs. and i've got odds on regehr looking old and slow again.

psst... calgary flames : prove me wrong. dare ya.


Jason said...

I'm going Flames tonight. I'm still very much sour with the 5-1 desturction of the Blues last week. I want to see the Wild get burned (no pun intended...maybe). :)

Kent W. said...

Im quite frightened that Lemaire's going to find some way to get Demitra/Gaborik out against the Warrener/Hale duo all night.


walkinvisible said...

"find some way" ??? you mean, simple coaching, by using the last change ? it's gonna happen, mark my words. and speaking of mark... is it just me or would anyone else feel slightly more comfortable if gio was suiting up(and by slightly, i mean EVER so slightly)... ?

Kent W. said...

would anyone else feel slightly more comfortable if gio was suiting up

I would, quite frankly. And probably not even slightly. Watching Griere fool Warrener with a PeeWee "board-bank" move and then effortless outrace him down the ice way back in that San Jose match made me realize Rhett's probably even worse than I thought he was. And I've picked on him a lot the last couple seasons.

At least Gio can skate and actually make a pass occassionally.

Anonymous said...

Sweet little blog E ... ever just have someone pop into your head and decide to google them? ... I'll have to go somewheres to watch the game tonight as its on PPV but here's hoping they can prove you wrong ... I've been a little sour on the Flames since I saw them lose in person for the first time this year (no small feat as I've been to a few) ... against the wild at home no less ... an uninspired game to be sure (other than the opening minute) ... so then i go back Sunday morning and my car has been broken into (probably the Wild ruining my Sunday too) ... this after walking fifteen minutes to the dome, all the while dwelling on what really went wrong on the saddledome ice the night prior. Anywho ... I'll be sure to check back here again ...
-Trevor (in c-dot).
ps didnt see you at the new doctor's send off ... in toronto? call when youre in town