Saturday, March 31, 2007

flames v. 'nucks: postgame

a few things about tonight's game:

- i hate sedins
- iggy was a goal away from a gordie howe hattrick
- phaneuf ? who needs him ;) [kiddin', HG !!]
- best save of the night was made by andrei zyuzin
- tangs looked roouuuugh. tough night for the 5 million dollar winger
- some seriously debatable calls (against both teams). the last penalty on lombardi looked awfully questionable to me...
- if i have to watch one more dodge "book of truck" commercial, i will scream
- i love matt cooke. i wish he wore a flaming C (totally off-the-cuff note: he is the most fun player in NHL06... he's got such an active stick)
- my friend merrie went to the game [and i'm envious in a colour far deeper than green]
- friesen looked sharp
- regehr looked sharp for a change
- PLAYFAIR looked sharp for a change (nice suit, buddy)
- most of our guys TOI were around 18 mins. nobody over 24 mins, which is a total anomaly ('specially for iggs)



Anonymous said...

I'm OK with Book of Truck. I wish I could trip that football-catching little brat from Canadian Tire, though.

I'll give it to whatever Sedin it was for stepping on Lombardi's stick to "draw" that penalty, but McGeough was off his rocker on the Tanguay "trip."

Kent W. said...

McGeough is the new Frasier. Every game has to be about "him" - not about the actual play. Everyone has to know that he official once it's finished.

What an ass.

MacS said...

I thought the Lombardi one was fine, once you get a stick caught in a guy's skate the evidence becomes pretty overwhelming. Van's second goal, I also thought, was a good call. Magoo is just terrible though, all you have to do is look at a few calls and you instantly know who's reffing.

I'm liking Hale more and more.