Monday, March 12, 2007

Flames v. blues: pregame/hitmen v. blades post-game

yesterday, jason and i attended the hitmen game, and i must say it was nice to be back in the 'dome (pocketdawgs and all). the hitmen absolutely schooled the blades, and it was truly nice to see a home team win without any sort of struggle. the game was hugely entertaining: there was a killer sweet goal scored by steve covington, as he undressed a defenseman and then made a really nice deke move on the goalie, putting it top shelf. also: the goalies fought. sure, dan spence got his ass handed to him, but i still appreciate his efforts to get pummeled at exactly centre ice... [additional highlights include what i just found out: a weird play-stoppage & subsequent ice tidying was a result of spence puking on his way to the bench. nice one.]

so, with any luck, this good vibe and work ethic juju will stay in the dome for the calgary-based team, and the flames can come out huge against the blues tonight. the ducks held the 'nucks at bay last night, so a win tonight would be perfect to gain some ground and avoid playing my boy forsberg in the first round (wait...)...

blues have been solid in their past few starts, a couple of wins & a couple of losses, sure. but we are all aware that sanford has the ability to shut down teams (often the good teams) and there's a bunch of young guys who have the ability to put it in the net. i wonder if kipper will play, and think if mclennan's gonna start any game in the next 8, it'll be tonight. this game could easily go either way...

being that i'll be seated next to a dude in a blues jersey, i'm really hoping the flames can put two points under the W tonight.
(please ?).


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