Sunday, March 25, 2007

a love letter to *ahem* the vancouver canucks

[my mum taught me if i didn't have anything nice to say, not to say anything at all... so, this one's gonna be tough..]

to the team who wear the nicest-looking oldschool jerseys in the league:

i know that i haven't been very fond of you in the past, that i've ridiculed you in recent years, and that i've openly cursed your current winning record... but i'm hoping you'll be able to see past all that tonight and put one in the win column anyway. i really don't think it's much to ask, i mean, it's for your own good --what, with minnesota clawing their way up the ranks and challenging you for first in the NW. clearly you're gonna go to the post season, with your pesky redheaded swedish twins and your superhot (in record, if not looks) qu├ębecois goalie... so i was just thinking if you were to lose some games this week, it would be very considerate to do it on a night other than tonight (though it would be nice if you could beat the avs again on tuesday...). a blowout would be sweet, but i'll be perfectly happy with a nice, tight, one-goal regulation win.


ps: tell luongo to win a couple for noodles:

****UPDATE: i truly hate vancouver, they don't even know how to win right******

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