Friday, March 23, 2007

flames v. preds: postgame

well, there's something to be said about me & my flames blogmates, and that is that we are consistant in attempted superstition. or maybe it's just me... six weeks ago, when we were winning, all of us were posting numerous times a day. when we started losing, we were still all posting like mad (but with more venom). now that we've started winning again [at HOME, kids... we're stoked to have won a couple AT HOME], none of us seem to want to jinx it...

that, or we're just all too busy to write much :) ...


The idea of placing the hulking blueliner in front of the net was the brainchild of assistant coach Rich Preston, Warrener revealed. "It’s great coaching by Preston," Warrener said. "He made the call. He said go in front. I didn’t know what I was doing."

ummm....soooo..... my questions are twofold: why is rich preston the man with the plan ? but mostly, why are rhettro and david hale on the ice in OT ??? i understand that it worked out for a goal, yes. but if hamrlik & phaneuf had just come off the ice, wouldn't brad stuart ---paired with anyone--- seem a more likely defenseman to put on the next shift ???

this guy had a sweet pass over to arnott, who put it on net to a textbook miikka stretchy save, which came up as "the save of the game" on he's also my toronto roommate's cousin... and that's the only reason i brought it up, here.

my boy got wallpapered by regehr, but looked good on two beautiful passes that ended in goals. if we play the preds first round, someone besides me will have to watch this guy...

the "official superstats" show an interesting developement, which is that phaneuf/hamrlik clocked in well under 20 mins, while brad stuart put up a massive 27:56. additionally, primeau's TOI has been whittled down to a mccarty-like 5 mins, and amonte is back where he should be at around 10 mins.

nice win, boys.
hopefully the harvey suit (if not the guy in it) can make it into someone's suitcase. two games in minny are gonna be tough. not to say the chicago game'll be a cinch...


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Anonymous said...

Like Steal Thunder, I have my own hockey playoffs to deal with right now. Plus, I'm really trying to make my entries count. (Yes, I'm gloating a bit at predicting not only the Nashville win, but Conroy's big contribution.) Plus, I don't know, it just seems like too big a time of the season to be writing about my favourite historical Flames goalie masks on off days. Anyway WE'LL BE BACK.