Sunday, January 2, 2011

flames merch: UNO !!

i've decided to start a series on ridiculous flames merchandise, and i'm beginning with the age-old kids' game uno. really. REALLY. i mean, i guess the nhl retail thinktank just needs to come up with random items to stamp team logos onto in the name of profits, so why not this ?! everybody loves crazy eights, and i'm sure we could easily develop a drinking game for the name-brand mattel product with the same rules... and if you put players on the cards, it's that much better..... right ?


except WHAT PLAYERS ??!?

if you look closely, that's back row l-r: marcus nilson, rhett warrener, dion phaneuf, matthew lombardi and front row l-r: roman hamrlik, david hale, & jeff friesen. © 2007. i wonder if there's an updated one with gio in it... ;) other players in the deck include langkow, huselius, tanguay 1.0, kipps, regehr, and conroy. in a smirky fun twist, it's reggie who appears on the "miss a turn" card (presumeably cause he's gonna make you sit your ass down).

and of course, you can't play uno without the all-important wild card, and who else would grace the flames version than our beloved iggy with vintage iggy playoff scruff and scoreface (and all neatly contained in a flames chevron-era away jersey box) ??

who wants to play ?


awildermode said...

How do I not know about this?

walkinvisible said...

the REAL question is how have i owned this for a year and never opened it ??!!???"

Brent Wittmeier said...

Why buy a deck of cards when you could buy a freakin' village ($79.99):

walkinvisible said...

HOLY SHIT !!! wtf IS that ?!?! the arena is all wrong and the zamboni appears to be outdoors....

amazing that it comes in installments... where did this COME FROM ??!

mikeH said...

I hope you saved that Avon NHL catalogue from before Christmas. I have my eye on the Flames leaded glass lamp.

Btw... I am so gonna kick your ass at Flaming Uno, even if I don't recognize Jeff Friesen from his picture.

Sarah said...

I want this so so so much.