Friday, January 14, 2011

gio jersey #2

don't worry, jarome. i'm prepping myself for the beer showers and the appearance on puckdaddy's jersey fouls.



Goad said...


The "C" ? No no no no no.

You may love the guy but I'm calling blasphemy!!

Definite jersey foul.


JA said...

I can't believe you actually went through with it, lol.

mikeH said...

Awesome... but you know I might need to stand a couple feet away at the games so I don't catch the spray. :)

It will make for some interesting discussions at the pub.

walkinvisible said...

i've been polling folks for the past month or so: trailblazer or foul ? and the general consensus was trailblazer.

then someone on tv said "giordano with some captain-like moves." THEN someone calls the fan and asks who the captain would be if iggy got traded and without missing a beat, steinberg assuredly announces, "well, mark giordano." as in, like duh. ;)

last week it became clear that i needed to do it.

NB said...

ballsy. But bad Karma.

walkinvisible said...

NB: well, at least if he gets traded, i can turn it into a G with juuuust a little hockey tape. ;)

KingJafi said...

Its that damn Gio...he's so hot right now.

The C looks hot too.