Saturday, January 15, 2011

I go to hit the post.

They went to Toronto. They won in Toronto.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is KingJafi and I am the newest contributor to the htp universe. I just recently separated my shoulder snowboarding and it was during my pain induced stupor that I came to the realization that walkinvisible is a female. Don't ask me just happened. All the talk about the ladies cut jerseys, Gio, and male Swedish hockey players never rang a bell in my mind. In any case, that brain fart has brought me here and I am ready to contribute.

A little about myself...I'm originally from Switzerland (French part) and live in the hockey hotbed of Orlando, Florida where trying to catch a hockey game in a sports bar is like finding someone in Tokyo that speaks English (I've never been but I've heard that it's rare). But I do a pretty good job following the Flames here in FL (the NHL Center Ice package (well worth the investment) and the PocketTunes app for the iPod Touch (or iPhone for those of you who choose not to use a BlackBerry) pretty much make it like I live in Calgary but without the snow and the CAD, something like that). I have two Brussels Griffons named Harvey and Kippy. My wireless network is called the Olympic Saddledome. I once counted 37 Flaming Cs in my tiny law school apartment in Boston (a city where I could catch a hockey game in a sports bar, outside of baseball season that is). I travel to random places like Buffalo to see the Flames (and have a puck for every arena I go to). And I hoard all sorts of kitschy Flames memorabilia and merchandise primarily because prior to eBay and the internet it was impossible to get my hands on anything Calgary Flames (except when my parents went to Montreal or my relatives from Montreal came to visit...and they'd usually bring me Habs stuff in turn explaining why I have a soft spot for Le Canadien and when the Flames didn't resign Cammy I was glad he signed with MTL). But you get the picture. Oh yeah, I also miss the Montreal Expos (that has nothing to do with anything quite frankly...I just wanted you all to know that).

So, I'm honored to become a member of the Flames blogging community and considering the way things are going at the Saddledome these days, with Stanley Cup runs and quality hockey not necessarily a hot button item to discuss in the near future, I look forward to giving you my 2 American cents about everything else that makes Flames hockey great. A bientot mes chers amis!


walkinvisible said...


great post. welcome welcome welcome !

KingJafi said...

I heart htp. ;)

mikeH said...

Great to see you on here KingJafi. And good to have another on board, considering my output of two pieces a year wasn't really carrying the load.

It should help to keep things fresh over the next season(s?) while we're playing dreadful "rebuild" hockey.

walkinvisible said...

ps: jarome was unquestionably the cutest baby in history.

Goad said...

Welcome welcome. That all sounds great but none of it answers the obvious question.

Why the flames?

Switzerland, Orlando, Boston, Montréal. Not one reference to the ditch on the plains that is cowtown. Mind elaborating?

KingJafi said...

The dedication to the Flames started way back when I was pretty young. I essentially confused the Flaming C with Canadiens C in and around the 86 Finals. True story. By the time I realized the mistake I liked the players, colors, and logo better. The relatives weren't too happy though. Time went by, hockey eventually came to Florida but there was no going back. Its too bad the Canucks had that bizarre streaking skate with vomit colors, cause if they didn't maybe I would have been a fan (not really).

Oh yeah...I happen to actually like the ditch on the plains that is cowtown. I enjoy the city. I am also a huge Olympics fan and the '88 Winter Games are my fav.