Monday, January 3, 2011

why i heart goad (even though he's my nemesis)

vancouver resident, die-hard canucks fan, and hitthepost BFF, goad, posted the following screengrab on his facebook today (much to my chagrin). one of his buddies commented in jest, "plan the parade." ;)

aaaand if that weren't enough to put a grin on the ol' mug, goad replied,

"Oh the route is already worked out. It starts in Hell that will have just frozen over, goes past your place, and ends in my wildest dreams. Same route as every year."

i love you, man.


mikeH said...

It would appear that Hell (Michigan) is actually just above freezing today, but snow is expected for later in the week. Goddamned Cansucks.

walkinvisible said...

that's a ridiculously long parade route. they'll have to stop and feed the clydesdales.... oh, and bobbylu.

mikeH said...

Twix told me about this town since its close to where he's from. I'm not sure on which level in Dante's canon his hometown is located, but when you look up "Windsor" it has to be in the Inferno someplace.

Goad said...

Thanks for the love wi. You make me blush.

I'm really trying to emulate the tack my boys are taking. One game at a time, it's a long journey, the reg season means nothing.... But is nice to watch some wins.

My lack of posting over here is due to my unwillingness to "kick 'em when they're down". I know all you cats here are huge flamer fans and it's sad what management has done to this franchise.

All that being said, I hope the Canucks
f%€£ing embarrass your sad-sack bunch of plumbers tomorrow!

Whew! That felt good.

Well I guess the world is as it should be again. Suck it flamers.

Go Canada Go,

walkinvisible said...


i sure expect things to go tonight the way you outline above. in saying that, wouldn't it be FUCKING AWESOME if mickis scored a hattrick and gio checked both sedins simultaneously into the homeside bench, enroute to a 7-0 rout that leaves ol' johnny canuck stunned and saddened ?

yeah. i'm not putting money on it, either....