Thursday, January 13, 2011

fresh iggy scotiabank action.... FINALLY !!

y'know how we always watch the flames play on tv, and there's always the same hugely annoying commercials ? telus ads play so often that we used to do a count on them in the gamethreads at M&G. then there's that one with the dude riding the girly bike with the handlebar streamers who gets hit by a car ("lalala LA lalala".... i can't tell you what it's for but it drives me nutso). and as much as we all adore jarome iginla, the scotiabank commercial where he tries to open a bank account for the free tin is getting old a year and a half later. plus (and NOBODY talks about this): what kid these days wants a fucking TIN ?! you want a kid to open a savings account ? two words: wii and ipod.

but i digress.

the iggy scotiabank spot was shot in september 2009, the week before training camp opened. well, i guess scotiabank DIDN'T spend all their money on saddledome sponsorship this season, and decided maybe it was time to film another spot. i have it on good authority that iggy's giving the bank two hours of his time on the current roadtrip for a commercial shoot in montreal. hmmmmm..... let's count that game as a loss, then, shall we ?

on the flipside, a win should come in ottawa, and not just because they're terrible or because the only gm who proved more insane than daz still somehow helms that squad. a win should come in ottawa because matty stajan got hisself a hairscut:

i am a firm believer in the follicle theory, and i think the photo above shows proof positive that the flames are in line for a big W on friday.

where are u guys watchin the game tomorrow ?



JA said...

The streamers commercial is a provincial government ad raising awareness about drunk driving.

I was planning on watching the game alone (as usual) but if you and mike_H wanna hit up Shanks or whatever I'm down. Throw me a text later.

walkinvisible said...

i'm planning on watching the game at my house. you and mike (and twix) are welcome to join.