Monday, May 10, 2010

monday randoms: all about the 'nucks.

i didn't get a chance to write last week cause i was craaaaaazy busy working on a volkswagen commercial. have you ever looked at the spelling of volkswagen ? it's not english.

anyhow, i spent a bunch of time out in drumheller this weekend and it was a lot like the town's second syllable.... no offense to drum, i'm sure it's rad. but the job blew.... ;)

anyhow, here's some stuff for and from htp friend and regular commenter, goad. i've got eff all to say about anything flames-related (even though gio and bourque are reppin' canadia at the big show overseas, and the hitties took the whl crown), so this is gonna be a quick post, with a lot of canucks references. i must say that i really like goad a hell of a lot, i think he's a pretty awesome dude and our differing allegiances have resulted in a pretty nice little friendship.... which is precisely why, when i look at his young daughter in his adult-sized jersey, i smile. still, i'm somewhat saddened that she will lead such a hard life as a nucks fan..... ;)

- goad emailed me these to point out that canucks managment care more about their ladies than flames management, and i gotta say it hurts but he's right... that's a WHOLE WALL of ladies jerseys (and not a pink one in sight) !!! also ? the merch store at the garage is ugly. but so's bobbylu and he's still rather annoyingly effective. ;)

the thing that pisses me off the most, though, is that over a year ago i was musing about making "i heart (nickname) " shirts -----like gio, lombo, kipps etc, and the fucking dirty nucks merch team did it first.... upsetting. infact, if i didn't hate them so much, i'd probably really like them. ;)

- mikeH took off to salmon arm last weekend and had to put up with even more canuckleheads:

- and finally, mikeH also discovered this gem:

- i bought new nailpolish the other day cause it looked like a really nice true royal-ish blue.... it wasn't until i got it on my nails that i realized it was totally canucks blue. also ? it's called "pacific blue." ugh.

- i still think the nucks are gonna beat the hawks, if for no other reason than to totally toy with my emotions; one minute you think they're gonna be eliminated, and the next minute bobbylu is standing on his head. *hate

i guess that's it for now. i apologize for my truancy. also ? i'll be in the hat for a few weeks comin' up, so if anyone's around lemme know.

[sutter(s) dismissal countdown: day 68]


Anonymous said...

No comment on Mike Cammelleri leading all scorers with 11 goals, and more than half of his team's in this series? Clearly not signing him has worked out really well for the Flames.

walkinvisible said...

there's nothing to say about it. it was obvious how good he was when he left, and it's just as obvious now !

mikeH said...

It looks like Mickis and the A-town Heat bowed out of their playoff run last night. I hope he keeps up some blog posts for us during the off season. I can't find the picture (maybe you know where it is), but if I had to guess, he'll probably be doing some sailing. :)

walkinvisible said...!/photo.php?pid=10495152&id=614170200