Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Randoms - With CAPS!

WI decided to go out and get herself some work in the far north, so here's a few tidbits from me. Enjoy the capital letters while they're here!

Flames ennui - Life as a Flames fan is pretty bleak this weak. Somehow, the Av's inconsistency added to our own has left the team in elimination limbo. Personally, I was ready to call this thing after we lost to the Isles, but there was such a great, optimistic vibe on the blogs (WI's optimism came in bits and pieces, M&G's is here, Justin at 4th Line, and even my favourite cynic, Domebeers went all sunshine and rainbows), I just couldn't be the one to kill the fun. and now we're locked in this long shot run to the finish. Not with a bang, but a whimper... Fuck, I hated that poem in high school, but he was right, this IS how the world ends.

I am planning a short series of cathartic post mortem polls (fire/trade/hate on everyone), but I'm going to let the bile rise until its truly over. In the meantime, here's a test poll to get people clicking and see if I can get the system working:

Blogger meet-up - I know WI already went over this, but I had a great time out at the Flames blogger meet-up at Flames Central during the Boston Pay-Per-View last week. Its good to put faces to handles, although I'm lucky enough to have met some of you previously. I was super impressed with the cumulative brainpower at the table. At least I'm pretty sure that's why I felt it necessary to kill a few brain cells; balance in all things. Just kidding, with the giant, steaming loaf the Flames were laying on the ice, I didn't need another excuse to drink. I love the debates, hardcore analysis, and comedy that comes out on these blogs, but I'd always prefer to watch a game with a couple of brews and the company of good folks.

Pocket Dawgs - I had some free time and a desperate need to fire up the barbecue this past weekend, so I put some work in on what I'd like to call "The Search for the Ultimate Pocket Dawg". Everyone who reads here regularly knows that hitthepost LOVES Pocket Dawgs (and pocketdawes), even collecting reviews from Switzerland, trying to bring people closer to the best concession food ever. I'd like to think we've taken another small step towards perfection.

I stopped down at Spolumbo's Fine Foods and picked up some of their gourmet sausages (spicy Italian, and chicken with sundried tomato and basil) and made a quick trip to the Co-op for some panini rolls, ranch dressing, and Cheez Whiz. All I can say is, Dawesome! WI came by to hollow out the rolls, provide a second (heavily biased) opinion, and take photos. When she gets back from the Great White North, I hope to see the evidence. Anyone who has a suggestion that moves us toward the Ultimate, feel free to post.

That's all I've got for now. Frankly, I'm feeling a little burned out on the roller coaster ride, and I'm saving my voice for the "Fire Daz" chant that I expect to join come next week. Go Flames!


Hayley M. said...

With's so...unnatural.
Word verification: doofi

Colin Stuart said...

For a second I thought it was WI writing with CAPS...

Also, I want some pocketdawgs now.

Bettman's Nightmare said...

You could go for double-pocket dawgs by using a straw to hollow out the inner-dawg. Then fill that thing with whatever you want. Fair warning...double-pocket dawgs bring you that much closer to the nexus of the universe.

mikeH said...

Mmm... Pocket Dawgs.

@Matteau - I like the John Madden in your idea. If we go right to the "Turducken" dog, we may need to warn the guys at CERN about the potential for creating black holes.

After thinking a little more, the key ingredient in the perfect pocket dawg is going to be bacon. Its like meat candy.

walkinvisible said...

the perfect ingredient in real-world pocketdawgs is already bacon. it's part of the bacon cheddar magic.... y'know, those things are so good that they remind you how good they were every half hour or so all night after you've eaten one.

ps: caps are overrated.

mikeH said...

I don't know if the bacon cheddar dawg is as good as the Spolumbo dawg. And I can almost guarantee that it wouldn't be as good as a Bacon Spolumbo Dawg. Luckily, there will be a next time.

So caps may be overrated, but are they the MOST overrated? Could we refer to them as the "Dion Phaneuf of typesetting"?

Colin Stuart said...

I think I'll take a Bacon cheddar Spolumbo d.....*head explodes*

Also, WI: I picked up the newest HH album State of the Art since I couldn't get enough just listening to their songs on youtube...I haven't listened to anything but that for two days straight now.

AdamH said...

I gotta have a CERN approved pocket dawg.

Gotta know plan B. Let's face it the Flames might scrape past the 'nucks in the last game of the season and grab number 8 spot but... You gotta grab a winner for the cup.

Go CANUCKS (caps are all 'English' and that but hey, I don't know any Greek).

walkinvisible said...

i'm pretty sure that's the only HH album you can get in canadia... i got wicked stuck on tracks 1, 5 & 7 to start but now i'm way into listening to it start to finish.... WAAAAY awesome, to be sure... and i gotta say it again for emphasis ---nobody nicer than MCs pressure & suffa, and nobody sweeter than DJ debris... ;)

is this AdamH of the awesome mikeH family ? sheeeiit, brother, i didn't know you were a reader... :)

mikeH said...

Forget Vancouver, Plan B might be Chicago, those guys can play hockey. It'll be a frosty day in the underworld before the Canucks get my support.

The worst part; I know my nephews are bathed in this propaganda every day. Excuse me for a minute while I call child services... :)

Colin Stuart said...

WI: Yeah those are all badass. I've been going through the entire album and my favorites so far are 3, 10 and 12...but the rest are close behind.

AdamH said...

You didn't know I was a reader? You mean in the 'I didn't know you were literate' sense? ha.. i dun red dat good. Ever since you told me about it during the Gold medal Olympic couch jumping event.

Reading about the flames is like watching a train wreck... ok not funny.

But seriously. The pocket dawgs? That's journalism! Its 10pm and I'm going to bed but I'd still eat one even though it would keep us both awake.

Thanks for the blog WI... just wish it involved a team that mattered.