Tuesday, April 20, 2010

because i love my nerdy blog buddies: pt1

since the flames are a bunch of losers and there's no real honest-to-goodness hope of change in the management ranks, as of right now i thought i'd start a new little series and look at some of my favorites on the blogroll..... these'll be short n' sweet cause (let's face it) i don't really know that much about most of the nerds who love hockey around the globe....

sometime last year, mid-season, nick in NY from my nemesis site held a liveblog of a game between his minnesota wild and my calgary flames... also attending was ms.conduct who seemed pretty effin' rad cause she's a hockey fan from houston texas, PLAYS hockey (goaltender supreme), and knows her shit ---especially when it comes to the AHL... she's an aero's fan by way of geography, and a wild fan by extension.... so she gets to see the baby flames live and in person a few times a year, so we've had more than a few conversations about things like: how terrible chris chucko is... ;)

she's also a clutterbuck fan, which i fully supported up until his season-ending check on gio (totally clean, mind you, but totally sucky).... she got a lot of props in both the blogosphere and the MSM for her "ya can't spell calder without cal" campaign, and offered sincere condolences when her favorite guy took out my favorite guy....

the inspiration for writing this little hat-tip is both because i think she's pretty hilarious, and she has a massive hate-on for kiprusoff... you see ---he boned her in a couple of fantasy pools, historically, and she's holding tight to those hard feelings... my guess is that this year she hates him for doing so well; presuming that she steadfastly refused to draft him again.... a few days ago, when discussing jonathan quick, she pointed out:

"Someone on Twitter last night compared him to Kipper, which burns. I don't like Kipper at all. That mayyyy have something to do with how badly he screwed me in a couple of fantasy leagues 2 seasons ago. I mayyyy be a bit of a grudge holder. Mayyyybe. Still, there's nothing lovable about Kipper. He's shady and greasy and a diva (see: 2010 Olympics - Team Finland)."

Because i heart kippy, and always hope for others to do the same, i sent her the following picture and a note suggesting that you really can't hate a guy when you see how adorable he is with his 4-year-old son, aaro:

to which she responded, "His kid's a greasy little sieve, too. ;)"

...and that's why i love her stuff....

[sutter(s) dismissal countdown: day 48]


Ms. Conduct said...

Awwww f**k we're funny bitches. I love us! Thanks for the pimping. That makes my day! So much that I almost just tried to put an exclamation mark on the Word Verification word. I'm guessing that wouldn't have worked. Stupid word verification harshin' my joy. Suck it, WV!!!!!

walkinvisible said...

word ver should be punctuated however the hell you want.

screw you, WV !!! ;)


Colin Stuart said...

Awesome picture.

maalivahti said...

Love Kipper, love the picture. How friggin adorable is that kid?! (regardless of what MsConduct says!). On my way to practice but I promise I'll come check out more of your blog later!

awildermode said...

kipper's kid is awesome!

word verification: testi