Tuesday, May 26, 2009

canaryshirt migrates west

duncan suggested he'd write a post called "canaryshirt migrates west" but since he didn't, i stole the title here. sorry, duncan. you waited too long, bud.

the truth is that i was really looking foward to reading that entry...

with jimmy canaryshirt dodging a bullet yet again (do you think he's got incriminating photos of darryl sutter ???), i think the unseating of ryan mcgill in the A means he'll be taking a job with the big club, be it head coach or asst. to daz if he takes the reins. realistically, it points to the latter option, especially since the current GM MUST be on a tight leash; knowing that he's got one year left to make this team work, and if there's not progress made, he'll get the sack a year from now whether he's standing behind the bench or not

i don't actually have much more to say on the topic, other than the dismissal of david marcoux came as a slight surprise to me. onwards and upwards, i suppose, but i wonder if the gaping hole left in the goalie coach position will be filled by ol' noodles.

it seems we'll have this all sorted out by draft day.


duncan said...

You were really looking forward? What about the entry that I'm composing right now?

walkinvisible said...

i didn't think it was gonna happen.... i didn't get your text till way later.

probably because i'm in medicine hat.