Wednesday, May 13, 2009

just for kicks

the following is an excerpt from an email i sent to one of my favorite people to shoot the shit about hockey with, my pal pvs.... it's been quite awhile since we had any good banter back and forth, and i chalk most of that up to the sad, sad fact that the poor guy was born into leafsnation (and, other than condolences, there ain't too much to say).... he knows it's grim, but he's got his head held high and is soldiering on ---burning that candle of hope that many torontonians do; hoping that next year, it'll be better....

"there seems to be a lot of talk about leafsville these days, even though ol’ burkey won’t even be able to see out of the hole JFJ dug for another year or two... he wants tavares bad, and he ain’t gonna get’im... hedman ? doubt it.... i sincerely hope they go for that other swedish kid, paajarvi-svensson. i can’t wait to see that guy in the bigs; he’ll take alltime “longest name” crown by three full letters (four if you count the hyphen), kicking the pants off the current titleholders, vanbiesbrouck and langenbrunner.... PLUS it’ll be the absolute END of don cherry; if he STILL can’t pronounce ponikarovsky, there’s simply no chance in HELL he'll get through a segment about this guy.... don't get me wrong, i love grapes but the meltdown on live television will be exquisite !!! just sayin’...."

no point whatsoever, fyi, other than the pleasure in knowing that i just made you count all of the letters in those names.... ;) it's been pretty quiet out there in the blogosphere and i'm nowhere near finished my csi: sutter part 3 post.... we'll see it this summer at some point, i swear. it just might not show up until july.

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