Sunday, May 24, 2009

the spirit of mickey renaud leads the spits to the cup

well i guess greg nemisz wins the 08/09 battle of the flames #1 draftees, putting mikael backlund's kelowna rockets (lovingly referred to as the "backlund granthams" in my circle) down in an admittedly pretty boring memorial cup final game. hey, i'm not gonna lie. that was hardly the most exciting game i've seen outta the rockets OR the spits...

i have to say, with outings like this, it's really hard not to think about mickey renaud, and where he would have been this year. it was certainly a nice touch for the coaching staff to bring out his jersey as the cup was presented, even though the spits' former #18 would most likely have spent this past season in the QC.

i'm sure darryl sutter watched this game quite proudly; the spitfires' regular season plus-minus leader (nemisz), against one of the rockets' best finesse guys (backlund) and scoring grinder/pest (grantham). no question if these three progress as far as they've come, the flames future shall be rosy....

the spitfires have fought alot of adversity to win their first memorial cup today, from being thoroughly humiliated by scandal back in 2005, to the aforementioned unexpected loss of their captain last year. i gotta say, even though i'm a westerner and fully supportive of WHL clubs, i'm pretty happy about the result.

let the boughner-for-flames-coach talk begin !!!


Mike H. said...


So sad to watch the Backlund Granthams go down yesterday after a great run. Don't know where the Guggenburglar went; 3 goals in 3 shots was a little embarrassing. More importantly, I was disappointed the "face palm" comment turned into a joke grenade. :)

Still, its got to be good to see your prospects on both sides of a championship game. My vote for new Flames coach was suggested by George Johnson in the Herald today: Emilio Estevez. After watching "Slap Shot" on the weekend I would also seriously consider a player/coach, as long as he can pull off Paul Newman's boots. Note correct usage of the apostrophe to indicate the possessive, and believe me, he OWNS those boots.

In response to the previous entry's comment log, you were looking pretty good on the road last week, but I think you really shine at 2AM in the Ship with a grasshopper in tow. :)

walkinvisible said...

you are a gem.

awildermode said...

Patrick Roy as next Flames coach...there, I said it.

word verification: aghthole

Mike H. said...

Really WI? That' nice of you to say, but I don't know... at most a precious stone or more probably a shiny object hiding in the trash bin.

OH! Or you mean like this:

JemMore on topic: Nice of Sutter to give no actual information in the press conference today. I think the A-town Axemen (I like that name better) will probably be a good destination for Playfair. His canary shirts should look good in the new arena.