Monday, May 11, 2009

monday randoms

1. hey remember when i used to do sunday feedback polls ? hahaha, i'll have to start those again sometime.... maybe next week. maybe not. who knows (i gotta keep you guys on your toes).

2. i literally just spelled toes (above) "toews." had a little laugh at myself, then corrected it and wrote this bullet point.

3. craig conroy has long been referred to, during tsn-televised flames games, as "future tsn analyst, craig conroy." i always thought it was a tongue-in-cheek acknowledgment that our #24's charm and charisma would make him an awesome analyst upon retirement.... well, i guess duthie and the boys knew more than i did cause connie turned up on the panel yesterday with darren pang and bob mackenzie and, after an initial nervous segment where he started each sentence with the word "actually," he did a pretty good job... he was certainly no worse than kelly hrudey was in his first days, and i'm a big fan of "behind the mask" nowadays.... he does, however, need to learn that a brownish-maroon shirt does not go with a baby blue tie and a navy plaid jacket.

4. speaking of on-air personalities, i do love me some pj stock. the playoff beard is filling in quite nicely and i think his casual goofiness is his selling feature... my roommate and i were sifting thru some old hockey cards the other day and pj is now featured prominently next to the tv.... ;)

5. the other cards we pulled out (to help chicago win cause, hey ---stupidstitions don't end with the flames) were former hawks: al secord, curt fraser, alexi zhamnov, brian noonan, paul gillis, steve larmer and craig anderson. we also gave jamie mclennan and trevor kidd a spot on the mantel by the telly (near where pj sits) but after the hawks lost game 5, i suggested we take them down... during game 4 i texted my roommate to make sure he'd removed them and he responded, "i left noodles in... he's on the black aces. and in charge of goalie equipment."

now you know why i love my roommate.

6. andrew ference is not feelin' the love in boston... if you read the comments in that link it's pretty disheartening; they like him as much as i like eriksson/zyuzin/leopold... and if my half-interested and crude mathematics are correct then the fans are right: ference + gametime = loss.... bummer.

7. this article made me a very sad girl today.... i mean --- how delusional can sutter BE ??! hey, i'm not an expert, i'm not a pro scout, i'm not a GM but i know this much: if gelly was NHL-calibre, he would probably not be playing in the swiss league.... as depressing as it is, at least i know i've got until july 1st to prepare myself for this reclamation project.... is it better than bertuzzi ? probably, yes.

i guess that's it for today.
see ya'z.


Kent W. said...

That's often how I felt about Ference when he was here. He only finally started digging himself out of my doghouse right before Sutter traded him.

awildermode said...

lombardi is the new ference

walkinvisible said...

i would argue that lombardi is the new kobasew, actually....

rich snake said...

Unfortunately, maybe Ference is a "bad-luck charm" like Warrener. (Rhett: 3 Cup Finals, 0 Cup rings.) Still, go Bruins (aka Flames east).

walkinvisible said...

the rhett luck charm was part of the reason i didn't want him back in the playoffs...