Wednesday, December 24, 2008

sunday feedback: so what if it's wednesday ??

PLEASE NOTE: duncan and i decided to out-do ourselves, so don't forget to scroll down cause there's a total of FOUR ADDITIONAL NEW POSTS from TODAY!!!

merry xmas eve, everyone !!!!


ngthagg said...

I voted for the Vancouver line, mostly because the names Dan, Matt, and Hank are so generic.

walkinvisible said...

hahaha.... :)

joel said...

Jonny suggests:
Hanson - Manson - Danson

joel said...

Or maybe...

Auld - Hale - Satan

- j & j

joel said...

OK... This is IT!!!

Pardy - Laich - McCarty

WI has GOT to LOVE this one!!!


j & j

walkinvisible said...

Pardy - Laich - McCarty

that's the winner in my books...