Wednesday, December 24, 2008

flames v. ducks: little things...

a few random notes from last evening:

1. brett sutter
while i agree that boyd is getting the keenan shaft (plugging away on the fourth line with lesser players), i've been thinking that putting brett sutter on a line with moss and conroy was kindof a no brainer. on the third line, sutter would be sheltered by a steady defensive veteran in conroy, and an offensively potent --yet defensively minded-- youth in moss. although it inarguably gave boyd the professional shaft (yet again), it admittedly made it near-impossible for sutter to fail...

and i'm not gonna lie --he looked pretty good out there.

with glencross rumoured to return against the senators, i would imagine we'll see young sutter's demotion any minute now...

2. ducks notes:
giguere looked pretty solid after being out for three games, getzlaf and perry are still the real deal, and i was totally unaware that brendan morrison was missing his front teeth.

3. gio (you knew this was coming)
i'm really not sure the reasonning behind the re-pairing of the calgary blueline but it obviously wasn't to split the recently terrible regehr-aucoin matchup; the only pairing left intact. while i think adam pardy had one of his best games of the season, like i said over in the comments at FHF; playing him with dion seems an overestimation of his current skills. what it DID do, however, is free my boy gio from the defensive liability that is phaneuf, and pair him with the defensive liability that is sarich (albeit with less minutes). and the dude thrived. gio played less minutes (12) than any other blueliner, but was an absolute monster offensively with a goal and an assist (and from where i was sitting, he could easily have had a second A on the night). first star well deserved, kid. keep it up...

4. my jersey
waiting patiently for a loss, so it can eventually get lettered, my jersey notched another W last night and moved to a very respectable 6-0-2. i was dragged to flames central to watch the matchup last night, and from a booth on the second level it was quite an enjoyable experience... that place ain't half bad when it's not totally packed... and they have people playing wii [boxing in this case] on the huge screen between periods... :P

in WJC news, i watched a good portion of the canada v. slovakia matchup last night, and paid special attention to #32 in red. keith aulie is HUGE compared to the other boys, and works hard on keeping guys to the outside, regehr-styles (the player he likes to model his game after). while he is in no way a drafting slam-dunk at this point, i am entirely excited about his potential...

happy holidays everyone !!!

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duncan said...

Getzlaf was the standout for me last night. He's only getting better. It's not hard to see why he's getting the points — if Regehr can't handle him, which he couldn't, nobody can. An incredible combination of power and skill — he has Bertuzzi's size and hands, with brains and effort added.

Can't believe I haven't mentioned it, but my current-issue red Iginla 12, purchased at the 4-1 Colorado victory, is now 8-2-0.