Wednesday, December 3, 2008

avery's a douche: talking points

so sean avery opened his mouth in the bowels of the saddledome yesterday, and ruined everybody's day, including his own i would imagine, since his future in the with the dallas stars --and in the NHL full-stop-- is now in question.

points to consider:

1. even though i'm somewhat offended at the misogyny of the term "sloppy seconds," there is really nothing more amusing than watching bob mckenzie repeat the words verbatim (with a straight face) on TSN.

2. if you want to be technical about it, and if it was meant as a verbal jab at dion and not jarrett stoll, then avery should have inquired about guys in the NHL falling in love with his "sloppy thirds." by my tally, technically mike komisarek was the recipient of sloppy seconds... unless, somehow, avery's crude statement acknowledges that cuthbert never actually "did it" with the hab.

3. there's alot of public outrage that avery has been suspended for, essentially, being a douche, while there are still guys delivering potentially career-ending headshots who suit up every night.

4. avery's timing was ideal: people are still saying plaxico burress is MORE of a jackass for bringing a gun to a bar and subsequently shooting himself in the leg. it's not every day that one sports superstar's douchiness can out-douche another's....

with the absence of avery in the lineup, the game was a yawner; there was no impending doom for anyone's knuckles, and the "who will punch avery first" fire was extinguished long before gametime ... dion and iggy --really the whole flames' squad-- looked distracted (surprise !) and marty turco unfortunately picked this game to get back to vintage form...

onwards and upwards --flames roll into the show me state on friday and will hopefully be able to take advantage of an utterly cursed blues' squad.

friday is also blogger meetup night at schanks crowfoot. a predictable, yet fascinating, turn of events will allow me to go for the entirety (or until i get thrown out). see you there ?


Kent W. said...

Looking forward to hearing the details of the predictable yet fascinating events.

awildermode said...

the way i see it, avery did his job of getting into dion's well as iggy and the entire flames bench. dallas used the suspension as motivation for their win last night.

have fun at shanks, wish i could be up there. maybe someday.