Tuesday, December 2, 2008

flames v. stars: suckers punch

historically, with the flames, it's always the basement teams that make me nervous.

since the infamous cancelled NoCal team-building trip, the flames have played some of the best two-way hockey i've seen since the lockout. if the boys have, indeed, bought into some recipe to success (which it seems they might have) then we should be able to handily win a mid-season tilt against a depleted and tanking stars squad.

i think the big story tonight, as it is on most nights for the dallas team, is who will fight sean avery ?'. i'd say the over/under favours a tilt with dion, but i have to point out iggy's unusual body language in yesterday's interview on the topic of the stars' shit disturber. even after a loss, jarome generally exhibits good humour, a smile or two, and a whole pile of optimism. when discussing avery, iggy seemed uncomfortable, shifty, and distracted.

if i were keenan, i'd be threatening punishment to the first guy to lose his cool at the hands of brodeur's nemesis.

as for avery, i think i might have posted this before but it's a good watch. you might hate him, but you gotta love him.... :P


Kent W. said...

No love from me for that massive douchebag. Self-aggrandizing own-fart-sniffing moron he is.

walkinvisible said...

he kinda makes me laugh....

but i've been known to really fall for complete douches...