Saturday, November 1, 2008

flames v. kings: 44 !!

so i have this really weird thing with the number 44. if you look closely, it appears underneath my skull-and-cross-hockey-sticks logo on my avatar, and i have it tattooed in braille on my wrist. it kindof all started with my time in england and the whole david blaine story (which you can read about on my eponymous blog, if you're so inclined), but has become this really bizarre numeral that appears with absurd frequency ---ridiculously so, of late.

the flames are down in so-cal and set to meet the kings tonight; a team that (like me) can't seem to get away from those digits.

on their webesite, the kings offer a family deal, where "each package includes four (4) tickets, four (4) hot dogs, four (4) sodas" [note: this package starts at a measly $83 bucks... you should see their smokin' bargains !!!]. they also have an election deal: "on november 4th we elect the 44th president of the U.S...[kings v. ducks]... limited number of tickets, select merchandise & snack items 44% off!"

yeah, right ?

even stranger is the kings' record this year. their last six games have ended in the following scores: 4-0, 4-3, 4-5, 4-0, 4-3, 3-4, with the kings coming out victorious in just two of those. strange, yes. but not altogether surprising that they're not posting wins, since they're just shy of the league-low cap hit at 45 million (technically listed at 45.445 in case you're keeping score). the kings are young and mostly inexperienced with extremely suspect goaltending (jason labarbera is handsdown my nominee for the "weirdest dude in the NHL" award).

on the other hand, the flames are riding into L.A on a 5-game winning streak. here's what i know about streaks: they end eventually. once a team gets to 4 or 5, it seems to me that mathematics are against them and the flames are definitely due for an L. also working against the flames is that dion is probably crashing at elisha's house, and cammo & connie are probably catching up with friends (read: drunk).

in the end, i think it's pretty safe to say this one will end in a 4-4 tie after regulation, with #11 (kopitar) scoring 4 times, of course. i'm just hoping that it's the C's that net one sometime around the fourth minute of OT. and since there's no 44 on either team, i'll say the winner goes to former #44, todd bertuzzi, or maybe jimmyV (#4) will get his first of the year....



ngthagg said...

Hmm . . . I've always had an attachment to the number 44, but that's only because that was the number on my football jersey in high school.

awildermode said...

i have a thing with #14...way before theo. then, when i was 14, flames won the cup...and there is that theo thing. also the number i wore when i played.

awildermode said...

get this, the system at work make you change your login passworg every few months, and you cannot use the last five. must contain one letter, one number, usual stuff.

my password before was a word and 22, i guess i used 33 (and 11, 14), so now my password is a word and #44!!!

walkinvisible said...


so if i try to log in to your page, i just have to write "fleury44" ???