Thursday, November 27, 2008

if david hale scores at the nationwide.....

....and nobody's there to cover it for highlights, does it still count ?

i'm sortof shocked and devastated this morning to find absolutely zero coverage on the former flame stay-at-home blueliner's recordbreaking first NHL goal. after 231 games (over 6 seasons with 3 teams), the guy puts one into the net and doesn't even get to read about it the next day.... i mean, i can just imagine david hale going home after the game and watching every single sports channel he could find to to see his shining moment, and he probably stayed up super late to see a whole lotta nothing.

poor guy.

- TSN only talks about tikhonov's game winner.
- sportsnet seems entirely unaware of a westen conference, much less a low-scoring (no-scoring ???) blueliner
- ESPN: ditto
- thehockeynews: nope
- the NYT slapshot blog: published a jr report this morning, but i have faith there might be a blurb later....

the only headlining article on hale's first-ever tally was in the grand forks herald.... booooo !!!!! :)

and if you go to the coyotes' website, in the game recap, ten paragraphs down (past the info on tikhonov's goal and jokinen's injury) you find these two paragraphs:

Defenseman David Hale, who entered the game with zero goals in 230 NHL games played, tied the score at 1 by firing a slap shot from the top of the left circle past Mason at 9:41 of the second period.

“It felt great,” Hale said. “... It was great to feel like I contributed.” He added, “Most of all, it was a good team win … now we know how hard we have to work and what it takes to win games.”

so i would like to applaud david hale, a player i'm quite fond of, for scoring his first NHL goal. congrats, buddy... at least i'm proud of you. i hope you got the puck, at least....



ngthagg said...

I'm not sure if you're saying you didn't see the highlight, so here it is, just in case:,2,313&event=CBJ389

awildermode said...

awesome, he has one more NHL goal than me.

Anonymous said...

As a former coach of David's (I think he was either 13 or 14 that year!) I was thrilled to see that he finally put the puck in the back of the net. If I recall correctly he's been putting guys on their backs from day 1. I would be just as proud of him if he never scored a goal during his entire career because, what he does do night in and night out is...his job.