Wednesday, November 12, 2008

flames v. buds: GiOOOOOOOO

my old-school 03/04 era jersey is just plain bad luck. my current era RBK super-high-tech-technically-crafted-space-age-material jersey, on the other hand, is a solid 2-0 this season in live play.

so the big question is, do i get #5 "GIO" on the back, or do i wait one more season to see if my boy john armstrong can make the jump ??? i'm closer to taking the plunge, in this capacity, than i have ever been in my life.... gio seems to be producing and improving every game and i'm getting a bit caught up in it all...

i'm seriously loving the current blaze coverboy (see below). my dad bought me the magazine cause i was ever so excited to see gio on there..... it was embarassingly girlish. :)

gio started the night with aucoin (his usual post) but ended up playing with dion after only a few shifts. much to my surprise and pleasure, this pairing was quite steady through the game, and i would imagine it sticking until vandermeer's return.

(this might be the worst post i've ever written, all-time. i'm aware. there is no need to point out that the words written above are just a sorry excuse to post the photo and to re-itterate how much i'm appreciating #5 in the lineup...)


Kent W. said...

I cant imagine how you'd feel if he was Swedish.

duncan said...

Are you really just going to get "Gio" on the jersey with the 5? Like:


If so, I will make fun of you.

walkinvisible said...

let the making fun begin.

(no need to pay for the letters "rdano"... everyone will know who i'm talking about)...


awildermode said...

maybe you should get "GiOOOOOOOO"