Wednesday, November 5, 2008

for your amusement: read on

if you've ever wondered what a texting "conversation" sounds like between your hit the post hosts, i thought this might amuse....

i attended last night's match between the flames and coyotes, and just after settling in to watch the pre-game skate (beer and pocketdawg in hand, of course), i just HAD to tell duncan that regehr was warming up. he informed me that he was watching the US elections so i asked for him to give me updates...

puuuure tag-team real-world/hockey-world symbiosis. it's like a live blog only the next day and transferred from a different electronic medium altogether.

me in bold. duncan in italics.
please note that duncan also TEXTS with caps, whereas i am a big fan of the emoticon and end most texts with little kisses.... ;) [all times in MST]:

7:41 - regehr's taking the warmup... :-)

7:42 - Aces! I'm PVRing till 11 to watch election results. then FF thru commercials. Obama's won Ohio.

7:44 - keep me posted on elections ? roy is also taking the pregame skate. 23, 20, 25, 19 too... :-)
[nystrom, glenX, moss, primeau]

7:45 - No 29, though? Boooo!

7:46 - him too... and 55 so who knows

7:46 - It's like playoff chess ... against the Yotes in November. Flames are so weird sometimes.

7:59 - ya but who's winning the election

8:00 - Obama's up 199-78 so far, but polls about to close in Republican heartland. Still, Obama's won Ohio and Penn, so writing is on the wall. Go Prust !

8:02 - wicked. let's hope the flames didn't sign the pact i made re: arizona ... :-) x
[note: my facebook status yesterday said "(WI) hopes that if someone from arizona HAS to win tonight, it's the coyotes !!"]

8:03 - reggie's in. x

8:26 - more please!

8:27 - Looks like Obama's going to win Arizona! CNN calls McCain situation "grim."

8:30 - awesome.... :-) gio gets a knee on knee .... seems to be ok. .... i love that kid ... x

8:31 - Who did it ? That bitch Jovo ?

8:35 - not sure. #13

8:41 - carcillo. 'course.

8:43 - ur pal connie has got to go....

8:44 - I know. But in fairness, he's distracted tonight, being american and all.

8:45 - i. love. me. some. gio....

8:46 - I love these cryptic game updates. At this point, i figure Gio has a torn ACL and a goal. and Conroy's playing for Phoenix.

8:54 - that's hilarious.... i don't want to give it away.... is obama president yet?

8:56 - Not quite. But he just won Virginia. Calif results coming soon, that's the kicker.

8:59 - as if he won't win cali

9:00 - But that'll tip it. 3 minutes to calling it for B.O

9:03 - done deal ? obama ?

9:04 - It's called. Everyone.

9:04 - so says CNN.

9:05 - Also Fox News, NBC, BBC, and my dog, Pluggers.

9:06 - wicked. i love your dog's new name.

9:08 - Sandra hasn't accepted her new name yet, but it'll come.

9:09 - she'll learn... :-) this is a decent game

9:11 - 13, 24, 23 seems like a good line, non ?
[cammo, conroy, nystrom]

9:12 - Wasting 13 a bit, isn't it ? With two stonehands ?

9:22 - i might have traded a flames win for an obama win

9:24 - 13. 24. 7
[cammo, conroy, bertuzzi]

9:26 - Better.

9:32 - this game has ceased to be good... 24 is pure liability

9:33 - He heard Obama won and can't keep it together.

9:34 - i guess...

10:13 - i want more of that gio. seriously. awesome game by #5

damn, i love me some gio....


Hellohockeyfans said...

Giordano has certainly looked stellar the last couple of games.

walkinvisible said...

the thing i'm LOVING about gio right now is that he seems to learn very quickly from his mistakes. i'm not suggesting that he's done making them, i'm saying that every game he looks a little sturdier on the whole...

his mobility reminds me of a guy like kaberle.... it's actually very exciting to see come together...