Thursday, October 30, 2008

flames v. B's: bring it on...

after ten+ days in oil country, the calgary skyline was a welcome sight, when it came into view somewhere around airdrie, as i drove southbound on the QE2. so when my brother asked me if i wanted to attend tuesday's tilt versus the avs, i could hardly say no.... and being back in the 'dome felt a bit like curling up in bed with a hot cup of tea and a good book: comfortably home-like.

too bad it turned out to be the most boring game i've ever been to.

sure the last ten minutes were pretty fun, but the first fifty were *yawn* sortof frustrating. nobody in red thought to finish a check, and guys like bertuzzi and phaneuf put out what seemed a pretty lazy effort. plus, keenan had his line blender going on 'high' (btw: i have developped a hand-sign for the keenan line blender. i'll show it to you sometime).

on the positive side, regehr had a very solid game, the newbies showed up to play (keenan is obviously taking a shine to both bourquey and glenX), and kipps should probably buy his goalposts dinner for helping him out the way they did....

and on to the B's.

i'm sortof excited about the idea of tonight being two former flames' first game back in the 'dome (ference & yelle ---kobasew, bless'im, out with yet another injury). other than that, i expect this one to be another low-scoring yawner. the bears have shut out two NW division teams in the past week, and i wouldn't expect the flames to hit twine more than once or twice. kipper, though looking stronger of late and notching the shutout in his last outing, is still giving up some mighty juicy rebounds.

it's been awhile since i've done a gameday prediction but i say the bruins take this one in a low-scoring affair. call it 2-1: savard/sturm and cammo for the flames.


Unknown said...

Aw man, I was going to leave just "bring it" but you already took that.

Whatever. Go Bruins!

duncan said...

Claude Julien does know how to take the scoring out of hockey. But at least his team has the best uniforms this side of the Habs. Tonght's 2.5 hours will be nothing but a pleasure, aesthetically speaking anyway.

Can't speak for the city, but good to have you "virtually" back. I could only carry the mail alone for so long, y'know?

awildermode said...

5 in a row, top of the nw, not bad considering that crappy start.