Wednesday, January 16, 2008

flames v. wild postgame: talking points

1. if nolan's willing to clobber dudes, why don't we bench godard (useless) and put primeau (expensive) out on that line ?

2. phaneuf's shootout slapper to the chest of backstrom
[two part question]
A) did he mean to do it ?
B) was he instructed to do it ?

3. habs' scouting staff present tonight and last night in nashville. [three part question]
A) is sutter shopping tanguay for cap space ?
B) are the habs shopping ryder ?
C) are the habs checking out PMB & veilleux (both RFA this summer) ?

4. how horrible wast the officiating, even WITHOUT mcgeough ????

5. who else was pretty stoked to see moss play with tanguay, and score on his second shift on that line ?

6. would it be at all possible for dustin boyd to skate harder than he did tonight ? (my opinion, for what it's worth ? NO).

7. did anyone consider how PISSED OFF vancouver would be re: the three point game ? :)

8. is it not amazing how much better hale is with aucoin than with warrener ?

9. is phaneuf's stock going up daily ???

10. did regehr's "calling out" of the team make a difference ?



Kent W. said...

He meant to, no he wasn't instructed to.

The Habs scouts are looking at more than just Tanguay (or something besides entirely). Alex isn't the type of player you have to scout heavily to determine if he's valuable. Plus, he's french...he's a shoe-in by right of birth. If there's an impending trade, they must be looking at someone else (Lombardi perhaps...also french).

All that said, Sutter better not be shopping Tanguay for Cap space. He has nearly 5M in cap space sitting in the press-box every night.

Worst officiating since that Colorado debacle way back near the start of the season.

Moss, played really well and has managed to get a number of quality scoring chances since his reaturn. He could be the solution to the kid-line conundrum: promote Moss to Tangauy's line, move Nolan down with Lombardi.

Poor Warrener is almost finsihed, though even now Im wondering if he'd be better than Eriksson...who is just awful.

Boyd had maybe his best game of the year last night. Lombardi was quite good too.

Phaneuf looked great last night. Hard decisions coming up.

Couldn't say.

RobWoolley said...

1. Nolan is a fool. He should try to score. I bet he's out for a month now.

2. Phaneuf meant to do that, just like Rolston meant to score or blast Kipper. He was not likely instructed to do it. Dion only looks like a caveman, I suspect he's quite creative when it comes to hockey.

3. Sadly, the Habs fans need the captain to speak francais. I don't think Tangs is leaving, they are totally shopping Ryder, who knows.

4. Officiating. Wow. If fighting is an issue in the league I wonder how they feel about fan riots.


6. Boyd made of for the lack of Nystrom and then some.

7. Fuck Vancouver. And you can quote me.

8. Man. Rhett may be in need of some retirement. Hale didn't suck last night which was nice.

9. My opinion about Dion changes with similar frequency to the changes in Calgary weather. After last night he looks indispensable. Other night he stinks of unimportance.

10. I dunno. If a 250 lb man asked me to get it together I think the only appropriate response would be yes sir Mr. Regehr sir.

Anonymous said...

answers - we should, yes, yes, hope not, yes, maybe, horrific, I was, don't think so, I live in Van city so i've been reminded multiple times today, he is better, yes, and oh yes!!

RobWoolley said...

Nice one Mr. J. Sorry bout the VanCity comment. Love the city, strongly dislike the team.

walkinvisible said...

MG: yep.
rob: yep, but regehr's only 225. ;)
mr.J: yep, and CONCISE !!!

Anonymous said...

No Worries Rob, I'm with you on that one. I grew up in cowtown, and i'm a Flames Fan for life!!!