Monday, January 14, 2008

a few things: the nutshell version

well, i doubt he'll end his tenure here in cowtown by losing his melon and slashing johan franzen across the belly, but curtis joseph will spend the rest of the season backing up our fair kipper.

i could make age jokes, leafs/coyotes jokes, eyebrow jokes, dinner with "the enemy" jokes, spengler cup jokes, delissio jokes or rabid dog jokes. but i think the only thing that needs to be said is that our kippy sure as hell had better look like kipps1.0 with a game or two off... also needing to be said is that darryl sutter is a slippery little guy: when interviewed about cujo pre-game v. islanders, he just said that he "heard on tsn that it was down to calgary and SJ, but the night before calgary wasn't even in the running." slick, daz. nice work... now get us a G*#@^D&%!! DEFENSEMAN !!!!!!!

[i just called darryl sutter "daz." take note, cause i sortof liked it....]

this, by my simple mathematics, leaves four goalies in the QC. which, by my simple mathematics, is about two goalies too many.....

uh, MLSE is um... kinda screwed.

they have a messed up system whereby it seems everybody gets a say (including the ---and this never ceases to amuse me---- teachers' pension fund). don't get me wrong, i think JFJ was the worst thing that ever happened to the buds, but it would be a tough job to have.... and also why scotty bowman, presumeably, insisted on having complete control over the team, and also presumeably why they never gave him the job...

[oh, and a little note to JFJ: psst: they are interviewing for your position...]

i think JFJ, and everyone for that matter, should always go out like our noodles: with a two handed baseball-bat-like homerunner across someone's midsection. in this case, i suggest JFJ take out richard peddie or cliff fletcher --his rumoured interim replacement.

oh, and they still have kaberle, so all hope is not lost. if i was in charge, that's who i'd start building around. although, with all those no-trade clauses hanging about, it's gonna be a tough go for whoever comes in. reminds me of some conspiracy theories i mulled over once upon a time (i refer to this post alot, it seems)...


- everyone keeps saying my boy foppa will be heading back to philly. i still think the 'lanche might have something to say about that.... i bet dollars to donuts that he'll be back in the NHL before the end of the season....

- kessel for phaneuf (and warrener) ?

- if rob blake comes to calgary i will have to re-think my affiliation

- prospal on the market ?

that's pretty much it right now.

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Steal Thunder said...

How are the Wranglers stocked between the pipes?

We could also loan a goalie out to another team in the AHL, but I'm not sure how much development time they would get in game situations...