Tuesday, January 15, 2008

flames v. preds pregame: we shall see

well, i don't have a whole lot to add today, that MG and leanne haven't already said. additionally, though i have a cohort living in the music city (who is a massive preds fan), i'm sortof out of the loop where the team is concerned.

what's been killing me lately is chunkymoose's post: "the slump cometh" . CM posts are so infrequent, that i'm bummed this one was so well-timed and sadly accurate:

"Teams who are in a slump start to do good things right near the end of them, but unfortunately still manage to lose games.

Teams who are about to slump start doing things wrong, but still manage to win."

uhhhh, right. exactly....

i'd love to see the boys win this one, and if there's any truth to the re-insertion of aucoin into the lineup (which would, in my opinion, see warrener benched), we might actually pull off a W. i'm sortof gutted i'll only get to see the first... DANG !


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