Sunday, January 20, 2008

sunday musings

so i decided to skip the superskills today, since i'm a lazy bum with cable (which was installed yesterday) and a wickedly awesome new tv. oh, and the thought of a zillion eight-to-ten year olds up in my grill when i'm not drinking either beer or coffee [only eleven days left....] does not a happy WI make.

instead i thought i'd do a bit of research on don meehan; the guy who holds the key to signing neither/one of/both dion phaneuf and kristian huselius. admittedly, i know very little about player agents, NHL or otherwise, but a quick glance to wikipedia tells me this guy is makin' some pretty good dough...

i'm not inclined to do the math, but let's estimate and average fifty clients' salaries --from 'elite' players [yeah, i said it] like iggy and ryan smyth (7mil/yr) to league minimum-eque guys like corey perry and jordin tootoo. i'll even estimate low for argument's sake, and say the 'average' would be around 2mil/yr per player. multiply by 50.

then, for argument's sake, let's imagine that meehan makes a 5% cut, which is preposterously low. dude is bankin' 5 mil/year; 700K on iggy and smyth alone... in actuality, this number is probably more like 10%-20%, which would push meehan's annual payout to a realistic 15 million.


i wonder how sutter plans to sign both huselius and phaneuf when dealing with the same agent, if he does indeed want to ink them both. meehan, in my opinion, holds all the cards here, which can't be a comfortable position for our daz to be in (i picture him wanting to be the cardholding type). anyhow... i'm not sure if the fact that meehan reps both flames players will help or hurt in this situation, but i see it complicating the affair, to be sure....

that's all.

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