Thursday, May 3, 2007

something i've thought of, historically, many times (mostly when i'm really really really bored) is what would happen to hockey if canada seperated. y'know... like if we had to split team canada up into "team quebec" and "team canada," who would win. this whole shane doan fiasco has brought it up again in my mind, and i've taken a bit (emphasis on BIT) of time to puzz it out.

if you go by proper position (LW/C/RW), i think "team canada" looks slightly more skilled, though we're lacking in LWers. clearly, if this were a real tournament situation, you'd get guys like lecavalier playing the wing, instead of his listed position (C). in the D position, we have a wealth of riches.... but still, if you factor in the goalies, we're pretty much screwed... clearly the best 'tenders are grown in québec...
team quebec in italics

1. brodeur 2.luongo 3. giguere
1. turco 2.emery 3. cam ward (roloson ??)

begin/PM bouchard/bernier

smyth/staal (you pick)/doan
sullivan (again, we're short on LW)/richards/iggy

MA bergeron/ME vlasic


feel free to comment. i just kinda did this all superfast, and came up with the best shit i could before bedtime....


Anonymous said...

Poor Noodles ... the 2007 playoffs aren't going to finish with him alone on top of the GAA stats. And I got to give Sabourin the nod for playing more than 1800-plus seconds compared to Noodles 17 (or whatever the final number was). I really thought the Ducks would be pretty disheartened by not being able to score on possibly one of the two or three coldest goaltenders in the league for three and a half minutes. But then they slipped one through the legs of Luongo right away.

I missed this series too ... eight for nine so far but I'm nervous about my eventual champs, the Sharks. Still feel safe saying the two teams playing for the cup are coming from the Sabres-Rangers series and the Wings-Sharks series, but I think now that's a pretty popular opinion.

By the way ... still thinking about d-men for next year ... Who is Brad's wife (is she American), and did he move her up to Calgary? No one seems to know.


walkinvisible said...

the popular opinion on brad stuart is that he will relocate to california. MY opinion is that we showed none of the heart, skill or speed of the 03 team during his stay, and i figured we needed to do something outstanding to make him want to continue as a flame.

be honest --if YOU had a choice:
ducks, sharks or flames (under playfar again) ?

ie :he's gone.

Kent W. said...

Iginla on the 4th line? For shame...

walkinvisible said...

hey, he's lucky to have made the team....