Friday, May 4, 2007

national anthems

can someone please explain to me why they played both the canadian and american national anthems tonight at the HSBC centre, before a game between two american teams (the rangers & slugs) ?

is this common practice, during playoffs, and i was just completely unaware ? is this a new thing ? was this an error ?

patiently awaiting response,


HG said...

Um, sorry hun, I have no answers for you. Shocking, I know. I claim to know everything but really I don't.

I called in reinforcements and Sherry who said, "I read an article about how Buffalo is really close to Canada and a lot of Buffalo fans are also Canadian and how hockey is a Canadian sport and just a way of honouring it."

She's so smart, she reads things. :D

Unknown said...

According to the sports writer guy in the Toronto Star, Buffalo started doing that because they are well aware of the Canadian contingent of fans they are starting to pick up as they have had to great seasons now, and the fact that they are 10 minutes from the border of soviet canuckistan... it's a nice gesture I think.

walkinvisible said...

it is an extremely nice gesture, which is sort of out of character for the folks in the USofA (if you ask me).

so thanks, buffalo/tonawanda/cheektowaga. you're okay in my book.... :)