Tuesday, May 29, 2007

finals: my picks

as pointed out in the last round, i generally choose my teams based on personal affection. this doesn't always work out, but i HAVE noticed that some murphy guy really has it out for me... because of this, i would generally pick whichever team has the player I most want to punch, but this year it's a real tossup between alfredsson and pronger...

I've developped a huge appreciation for emery, and of course I love spezz... and heatley may very well bring the cup to calgary so i seem to be rooting for that side, but then I think about giguere and his baby and how badly teemu needs a cup.... and then i think that i'm cheering for THAT side...

"scientifically" i think the ducks D will be too much for the sens O. alfredsson touched the wales trophy. the team that wins the first game wins the series 78% of the time (60%, apparently, in the last 5 years). maggie the monkey chose the sens, and i don't think she's ever been right in the finals... (??).

all signs point to the ducks in 7. but i might change my mind later.

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