Monday, May 14, 2007

triple gold club

for some reason i have a pretty keen interest in guys who can rack up the hardware, and i found it interesting that scott niedermayer and joe sakic are the only canadian hockey players to have a stanley cup, olympic gold, world championship gold, world cup gold, and world junior gold. the first three listed are generally considered the elite three, and are known as the triple gold club. not surprisingly, there are only 18 members...

(but, you'll notice, one of my faves is listed at #2).

i would think eric staal is the next likeliest canadian candidate, as he'll probably be playing for gold in vancouver 2010 and has already won the other two.

no pointo.


HG said...

I think they should amend the group to include those who have won gold as boys and now as men. Like Dion.

MacS said...

Brewer might someday be part of that group as well. It's difficult to say what is harder to win - Olympic Gold or Stanley Cup. 120 or so people win the cup over four years, compared to 30 for a gold medal. However, the Cup arguably is harder to win due to the sheer number of games needed to win it (48+/-10 + 16) compared to about 6 for the Olympic Gold

walkinvisible said...

kyle. seriously. is st. louis likely to win a cup, ever ? sure, brewer could get traded..

i think my theory (e.staal) is most likely just because he's got 2/3 and could very seriously make the olympic team which could very seriously win the gold. :)