Monday, May 7, 2007

why i hate playfair: the proof


matthew lombardi playing on a 4th line with dud players (06/07 flames): useless.
matthew lombardi playing on a 1st line with good players (07 WHC): hot. [edit: hat-trick]

bottom line: playfair was mis-using (read: benching) a player who should be one of the team's best.

solution: if playfair stays on, we should trade lombardi to the desert dogs so he can be used properly by playing with a good winger.
[if this actually happens, i'll be devastated].


leanne said...

Er... isn't Matty always hot? :D

walkinvisible said...

lol. good point. is "unstoppable" better ???

leanne said...


Though mind you, the worlds do have a habit of making formerly unexceptional players mature into things which are quite cool. I hope it has that kind of transformational power on both Matty and Phaneuf

Exhibit A: Briere?

walkinvisible said...

i think what you're saying has some weight, but what i'm seeing when i watch is lombardi doing what lombardi does (skates fast, passes sometimes, shoots on net others), only that there are guys beside him also skating fast, feeding him pucks to shoot on net and shooting pucks that are passed to them.

ie: real linemates.

MacS said...

It took him a couple games to adjust but I agree, he looks real nice between Nash and Doaner.

I think he's just happy to finally be playing with someone who can skate as well as him.

Kent W. said...

That's what I was thinking yesterday as well. There were some complaints that Lombardi was ineffective in the latter of the regular season - but the thing is, Lombo needs to be a top 6 forward in order to be effective. He's not going to give you quality contributions playing 10 minutes a night with grinders and lugheads.

If Conroy plays ahead of Lombo next year I will burn Playfair in effigy.