Thursday, March 31, 2011

fantasy pool factoids

in case you were interested: this guy in the featurette below went into the "playoff rounds" at #3 in my fantasy pool. i fought him the whole way during the season but ended #4. it ticked me off that the screaming dobermans (my team) lost position to the smelly terriers (his team).

funny and awesome.... if i can knock off #1 and he can take out #2, we'll meet in the finals next week. right now both series' are tilted 5-3 in favour of the higher seed. ie: not looking good. whatever ---last year the dobies came in 12th and the awesomely named graceland kings won the title.

so, either way, i'm stoked to have made it this far.



KingJafi said...

In related news, KingJafi just won his fantasy hockey league: Box Hockey. His squad Trip McNeely (named after the legendary character from Can't Hardly Wait) was simply stacked. It would have been an injustice if they hadn't. Gio was the only Flames member to still be on the roster at season's end and will probably be a keeper under league rules (they won't let me keep Stamkos), but Babchuk and Morrison did spend sometime on the roster and contributed to the #winning.

walkinvisible said...

nice. the dobermans came in third; i beat the smelly terriers 9-1 in the last week to take the bronze.