Friday, March 25, 2011

why is this guy GRINNING ??!

okay, fine. i screencap'd this a few weeks back when everything in flamesville was cruisin' along and victories were being had like handfuls of popcorn at noodles' house. now i bet the three muskateers (l-r: uncle feaster, senior vp/asst gm & self-proclaimed "capologist" michael holditch, and director of hockey administration mike burke) in the pressbox aren't smiling, and i bet at least one of them is wondering if he'll have a job next year. [editor's note: the flames brass are in some serious need of updated photos].

i say: buh-bye to all fuggin' three.

well in the verrrry limited time at the helm of the flames, he has given us 3 no-brainer moves (waiving kotalik & conroy, recalling backlund) one "meh" (carson) and one "total waste of time and money" (modin). it's the modin move that scares me the most ----anyone who really thinks that a 35-year old who hasn't dressed a full season in half a decade is the go-to stop-gap/depth guy is an imbecile. it's that kind of thinking (*ahem* staios) that got us into this mess in the first place.

as i've said before; i think feaster could be a useful cog in the wheel of this team so long as someone else is making the hockey decisions. the way ken king was touting michel goulet during the darryl sutter dismissal presser, i allowed myself to believe that a hockey guy would analyze and evaluate potential future flames, and that feaster would deal with the legalities (contract length, value, bonuses, clauses etc). the acquisition of modin ----a former player of feaster's in Tbay---- leads me to believe this is far from the case in reality. i think feaster believes he can do this maverick, and that's incredibly frightening for the future of this club.

while i hold darryl sutter responsible for allowing the capspace to run out and the subsequent short bench debacle at the end of 08/09 (mostly because of the hubris displayed when it blew up in his face), i believe it was holditch that greenlit the jokinen trade dollars-wise, and therefore he should actually have taken the fall. and i've said it before: that was a fire-able offense by both parties, and the fact that they were allowed to stay on in the aftermath is what led us to the current fiasco. anyone who proclaims themself to be a capologist, and then follows that up by exceeding the cap should be dismissed at the first opportunity.

okay so i admit i know very little about mike burke, so i won't sit here and cut the guy apart. i will point this out, though: he appears to have been in the same position now for 15 years. hm. seems like a change might be in order....? i will also suggest that a guy who's responsibilities include "contract research, analysis and negotiation, player assignments, preparation of salary arbitrations" has done a bum job on a team with 9 no trade/movement clauses and which narrowly avoided arbitration with ian white by shorting him by five bucks.

although i know it will never happen, i would really like to see the org look at other options for the front office. i HONESTLY think håkan loob would be ideal for the job, but i'd be curious how someone like michel goulet would take the reins as well. ultimately, i just don't want any of these three clowns above running my team any further into the ground than it already is.

can't. wait. til. summer.


Colin Stuart said...

The actual reason he is smiling is because he is tilting his head downwards and his neck fat is forced into a smaller space, pushing the corners of his mouth upwards. It's an unavoidable position for him.

walkinvisible said...

i was thinking maybe someone sent him the following text:


rubbertrout said...

We'll give you Tambellini?

walkinvisible said...

no deal.
loob or bust.

JA said...

Burke is basically a glorified butler for the players and has no impact on who the team signs/employs. He works on the actual writing of the contract part, not what's negotiated into said contract. Aside from that, his job doesn't start until after the contract is signed, sealed and delivered.

A Z R said...

and according to Francis, Ken King and/or the owners are the guys making the decisions anyways.

Feaster has to go. He was told what do by the owners in Tampa and he is being told what to do by the owners here. Thats because he just wants a job. We need to hire someone who could get a job elsewhere so they have leverage when it comes to decision making.

pay per head reviews said...

hahaha that is a very good question indeed and I would like to hear the answer of that, if you actually got it by now, please tell me!

walkinvisible said...

are you for real ? or a very lifelike spambot ??