Thursday, April 7, 2011

the real hat trick

it's kinda hard to see in this half-assed iphone photo, but here's the background story:

there's a guy (who's name is ryan, if i remember correctly) who has seasons tickets in the bleeders on the east side of the 'dome by the pressbox. a few of the times i've met steinberg pre-game to say "hey," this guy has passed us heading to his seats and he's stopped to say hello. so here's the kicker: every single game he brings this $6.00 children's-sized dion phaneuf hat to throw in case of a hat trick. and he's been bringing it for eons.... "why ?" you ask ? cause a nice-looking, adult sized calgary flames hat costs upwards of twenty bucks !!!

anyhow, when iggy got his third last night, this was the VERY FIRST THING i thought about.

now that guy needs to go get a new tossing hat.


awildermode said...

is it possible to throw from the bleeders and make it on the ice?

walkinvisible said...


but you throw from the bleeders and someone below would throw and the cycle would continue til the hat got to the ice.

JA said...

6 bucks down the drain.

KingJafi said...

Thats a real feel good story. Nice...considering the Flames havent given us anything to feel good about recently. The fact the hat probably didn't make it onto the ice, isn't so feel good though.

JA said...

I can guarantee you it made it to the ice. Maybe not on one, or even two throws, but eventually it got some of that Saddledome snow on it.