Wednesday, March 30, 2011

fuck you, teemu

i absolutely adore teemu selanne and every single thing to do with his career, skills, and quirks.

having just scoured the vaults of hitthepost history, i am surprised that i never documented one of my alltime favorite hockey moments: when me and my boy strombo were realtime texting about how emotional we were when teemu finally hoisted the prize back in 07 (a win i reveled in ONLY because of the legendary finn).

how awesome is it that teemu was a schoolteacher in his pre-nhl years ? how incredible that he once got a $40,200.00 speeding ticket ? that he played for the winnipeg jets ? that he scored 76 goals in his rookie year and went duck hunting when he broke mike bossy's record at #54 ?!? that he races cars in the offseason (and that he races under the pseudonym teukka salama which "loosely translates as tommy lightning" ---from wikipedia ) ??!!!?

also ? i wouldn't even say he's good looking. i'd suggest he's truly handsome. ;)

anyhow, teemu is a fucking legend. full stop, without a doubt. and i love the guy. except here's the hitch: he's effin' FORTY ----more than halfway to 41----, and he's still pretty much singlehandedly sinking my team's chances at the 10/11 playoffs.

which deserves a big ol' middle finger, if you ask me... hopefully he gets this note and bows out gracefully tonight cause the flamb├ęs need this one in the win column in a crazy big way....

(watch getzlaf/perry get eighteen goals tonight now)



JA said...

What an asshole that guy is. Seriously.

mikeH said...

Yeah, fuck you Teemu.

Even still, if the Flames were serious about winning tonight they would have sent me a ticket. Was this decision made by ownership, management, coaching, or players? I'm calling Eric Francis.

Sarah said...

I hate hockey.

And Mike, you failed.

mikeH said...

I've failed many times, but still... so harsh. I prefer to think of it this way:

The Flames suck so bad that even my best good luck efforts aren't enough to turn the tide.

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hahaha well I think that everyone has ever said that exact same phrase when teemu plays, I have I am honest about it