Tuesday, December 28, 2010

my thoughts on darryl's tenure, point form:

GENIUS darryl sutter moves:
- picking up kippy for a 2nd round pick (2004)
- picking up rene bourque for a 2nd round pick (2008)
- langkow for saprykin & gauthier
- turning an unhappy tanguay into mike cammalleri at the '08 draft
- letting theoren fleury play the '09 preseason ;)
- wearing the road tie

good darryl sutter moves:
- huselius for montador/johner
- re-signing gio
- leopold for ryan wilson/nycholat/2nd (albeit overpaying) cause we needed D badly
- seducing jaybouw (albeit overpaying)/trading leopold for his rights
- bringing in noodles as goalie coach/scout

bad darryl sutter moves:
- ference/kobasew for stuart/primeau
- jokinen/prust for kotalik/higgins
- 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 drafts (04/08/09 are actually not THAT bad, and selecting dion in 03 was like shooting fish in a barrell)
- letting huselius, cammalleri, and bertuzzi walk without actively replacing them with goalscorers
- telling mickis he should buy a house in calgary [regime change = buhbye, baby backlund...]
- building a team where 11 players have no trade/no movement clauses
- leaving the bench

REPREHENSIBLE darryl sutter moves:
- signing ference to a longterm "hometown discount" contract then trading him six months later
- re-upping primeau for 2 years at 1.4 mil per
- making ference pull his bags off the bus and leaving him at the rink in buffalo
- making jokinen and prust play v.philly after the kotalik/higgins deal had been leaked
- refusing giordano a one-way deal, signing anders eriksson 2 days later
- signing anders eriksson
- jokinen/3rd for lombo/prust/1st
- jokinen for 2 years at 3 mil per with a NTC
- andrei zyuzin
- cheaping ian white out of $5 so as to not sign him a 3 million dollar contract
- staios for johnson/3rd
- buying out a good-value contract in nigel dawes (15 goals, $850,000)
- signing raitis ivanans (1 game, 1.2 mil)
- not promoting rookies (dion/pardy notwithstanding)
- trading keith aulie
- not shopping dion phaneuf to all 29 teams

the move that should have led to darryl sutter's immediate dismissal (and didn't):
- miscalculating the cap (subbing jokinen's 5 mil for lombo's 1.8, leaving scarce room for injury replacement players), and being forced to ice a short bench to end the 08/09 season thereby falling out of first in the NW and thus facing (and losing to) chicago in the first round

am i missing anything ?

mikeH reminds me about the sutter(s) dismissal countdown, which started here on march 4, 2010 (but was alluded to here ---a harbinger of today's 'resignation'). tap out at day 299. booyah....



JA said...

I don't think I see Stralman to Columbus, so put that in the "bad".
I think the way Bork has struggled this year has shown how much of an impact Lanks had, so I'd put that in "Excellent".
Lastly, it was 08/09, grandma. ;)

walkinvisible said...

strålman to cbj falls in the "meh" category for me. there's a lot of those, actually, cause i don't think it had a massive impact on the team (pending on whether max reinhart or joey leach turn up snakeeyes, which would make it a win).

technically, the primeau for strålman, stuart & a 7th should be a win (salary dump) except darryl threw in a 2nd heading east. so it falls under evens as well.

Anonymous said...

i liked owlen nolan as a flame. replacing him with bert changed things.

..letting a tightly disciplined team (of partly his own making..) devolve into.. something else. i remember very little chaos in 2006 generally over the season. then came keenan.

awildermode said...

how do you know so much about hockey/flames? stalker!

by the way, i kinda jacked your post. okay, i linked it.

rubbertrout said...

Montador has actually turned into a pretty solid NHL defenceman who is at a pretty decent cap hit. I think Jonathon Willis did a piece on him at the Scores' blog. Much better than having Juice in my mind.

walkinvisible said...

RT: while i agree that montador is preferrable NOW, i think you have to also give trades a thumbs up or down for the time they were made... i think huselius was needed in calgary, and montador (while quite possibly superior to the eriksson/zyuzins) was a stop-gap. i also think this mindset applies to the leopold for ryan wilson, nycholat, 2nd EVEN THOUGH i can't stand leopold, we NEEDED defensemen (i believe gio, sarich and aucoin all injured).

on the opposite tack, the jokinen/3rd for lombo/prust/1st was terrible that day, and is terrible today.

KingJafi said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post (catching up on my post injury Flames stuff). Glad to know the Daz watch started on my birthday btw...but WI has always been spot on that Daz should have been canned in 09 when he essentially blew the NW division and had Keenan take the sharpnel. K Squared pandered to this guy for years and he's probably the next to go. In the end though, my worst Daz move is not shopping Dion to all 29 teams and trading him to the one team who couldnt even acquire a bag of pucks for the guys they had on their roster (in turn also adding to the fallacy of the legend of Brian Burke). We all know there were some serious character issues with Dion that necessitated his departure but adequately shopping him could have prevented a serious rebuild which we can certainly expect and thank Daz for.