Friday, December 3, 2010

flames v. wild: again !!!

in what will probably be a recurring theme this season, i would like to thank gary bettman for (yet again) scheduling two games in one week with the same intradivisional opponent. it's kindof hard to muster up the panic to want to watch this one, what with all the good feelings around the convincing win against the wild on monday evaporating with the wednesday shaming at the hands of the hated vancouver canucks. so we get to see if we're ACTUALLY better than the wild, or if it was just a one-off. the good news is that this team can no longer be considered elite, even by the city's most hardcore koolaid drinkers and all those guys named sutter.

it's starting to look decidedly possible that kotalik will finally take his #26 off the shelf and suit up for the first time this year. it's also official that our team's favorite hot-head and king of the terrible penalty (rene bourque is the obvious runner-up in both categories), curtis glencross, will be allowed to play: apparently the colin campbell wheel of justice landed on apple fritter. i was totally convinced with glenX's history that he'd get at least a game or two.... i guess that means jackman on the shelf ---it should be kostopolous but we all know how the sutter-to-player tunnel vision works.

follicularly, i give the upper hand to the flames... too bad good haircuts don't win games. perhaps in an anti-movember stance, alex tanguay FINALLY conceded to the baldspot and shaved his lid, and in a show of support (or drunkenness, or desire to be mistaken for his countryman, jokinen), nik hagman also lopped off his goldilocks... iggy was also sporting a fresh bic'ing during monday's pre-game skate. on the wild's side, i gotta say ---although eric nystrom still boasts some killer lashes, he still looks like this on top:

time to throw in the towel, bud. a decent pair of clippers costs about forty bucks...

and speaking of hair, poor, poor gio is gonna have to grow a full beard, since he's gonna have a mess of a time shaving away the 10am shadow with all the foreign material holding his face together:

(god, that looks sore...)

anyhow, i'm gonna stay in this evening and catch the game on the telly whilst socializing with my nerdy blog pals over at M&G. come join us !!! and speaking of joining us.... i'm still aiming for a blogger meet-up on december 23rd for the flames v. dallas game. i believe duncan will be in town, and though i'm not yet sure if kent or mikeH will be in the city, i'm trying to decipher if we'll need to book a table (schanks crowfoot, so we can make life easy for steinberg who may or may not be allowed to drink pints on the job). lemme know if you wanna come :)


JA said...

I'm down, will be bringing a guest. Mike better be there.

Jason said...

I had tickets, didn't go. Snowstorm. I'm not as brave as natural born Minnesotans.