Monday, December 6, 2010

do you ever wonder....

....if roberto luongo has a bit of a mancrush on patty kane ?

i mean, there's obviously been the on-ice one-on-one stuff for the past few years, where kaner often gets the better of bobbylou but sometimes the goalie stonewalls the kid. then there was the olympic tournament hijinx where, early on, kane announced to the media "I've had my luck against him personally, so he's a goalie I wouldn't mind facing," and perhaps in response, in the post-gold medal match handshake lineup, luongo said something to make kane laugh (reportedly, simply, "see you in the playoffs.")

now, i'm all for sportsmanship so ---even though i openly detest the canucks as a rule--- i have to hat tip alex burrows* in last wednesday's blowout, for summoning the trainer immediately after mark giordano took a puck in the face, and for leaning over gio's crumpled, leaking body to see if he was okay. it warmed my cold, granite heart just a little to see that kind of humanely concern between bitter rivals (1:31).

on the other hand, when i saw this exchange the other night (@ 0:21, and also seen here at 1:01), i couldn't help but notice that there was MORE concern by the 'nuck for the 'hawk, when the situation was FAR less dire.... it looked more friendly than courteous, more compassionnate than considerate.... and when you factor in their storied past, soooooorrrtof out of place....

do they pal-around after-hours in limos with the ladies ? do they pubcrawl or clubhop in the offseason ? or do they just sit around and write poetry:

*alex burrows !!! in a post about good sportsmanship !!!



Nuuuuugs said...

That video was worth the price of admission.

"Get your big ass, out of my crease."


walkinvisible said...

i hate to admit it but i really like luongo alot more today than i did yesterday. but i've also historically admitted that i think women are drawn to characters (ie: why all chicks heart mike commodore and darren mccarty).

ps: nice to see you, old friend.
blogger meetup dec 23 schanks crowfoot. COME !!

Nuuuuugs said...

I'll be in Denver, watching the Wild put me to sleep against the Avs. Would much rather see the Flambes, good, bad, or ugly.

I'm still saving for that flight to Calgary, or banking on that Canadian job opportunity.