Wednesday, December 1, 2010

flames v. 'nucks: i've missed you, goad !!!

while i can't think there's any way ----short of a kiprusoff xmas miracle---- that the flames might actually WIN the game tonight versus their peskiest divisional rivals, i AM excited to see a good, heated tilt. while we've seen the greasers three times this year already, tonight is miraculously the first matchup between these two squads and it's effin' DECEMBER. thanks for that, gary.

if you want a good pre-game stats report, go check out htp friend kent wilson's write-up over at flamesnation. if you want a bit more humour and some lineup notes, check steinberg's post. and if you want to see puckdaddy's take on the best movember moustaches in the nhl (including one that turns my current favorite swede, nic wallin, from "hawt" to "70's pornstar hawt"), you should click here.

with raitis ivanans still on the shelf (thank god), look to tim jackman & glenX to handle the fisticuffs. and while we're on the subject, i wonder if flames fans shouldn't buy steve mcintyre a little xmas cheer as a thankyou for keeping him out for as long as he has. god knows who will get to sit when our own overaged latvian is deemed healthy (which probably won't be long, given the frequency his name pops up alongside ales kotalik's on the "any day now" list).

on another note, i took a bunch of pix in NYC that i'll have to find appropriate places to post, and today's gem is this ---in the heart of the east village, i found a bar called iggy's selling $5 shots & hipster favorite, or as i like to call it "breakfast beer," PBR.

if only OUR iggy could get five dollar shots. for seven mil, that's a LOT of shots.

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Colin Stuart said...

If the Flames lost every game in a season except the few against Vancouver, I would be content.